Why Choose Vinyl Flooring Over Carpet in Singapore?

Caught in between choosing vinyl flooring or carpet? It is extremely hard to have that luxurious finish for your home in this economically challenging times. However, there might be a choice you haven’t considered, vinyl coating. Why should you choose vinyl coating over carpet? Vinyl flooring or tiles have enormously gained popularity over the recent years.

Carpet as we all know it, despite offering a comfortable and unifying look has some limitations. How many times have you screamed in horror as you watched a bowl of chocolate ice cream head to the floor? Think of the long lonely hours you have probably spent on your knees scrubbing the carpet, trying to rid it off stubborn wine stains.

The hardest thing is to think that even with hours and hours of scrubbing, the carpet will never be the same again. Sometimes you have no choice but to remove a big part of the carpet. Cutting or removing that part will without a doubt impact negatively on not only the look in your home, but also the worth of the carpet. You might also have to move the couch to a very inconvenient place to cover the mess.

The story is entirely different when you have installed vinyl flooring. This type of floor can accommodate a whole tribe of drooling incontinent basset hounds with confidence that none will be able to damage your floor. Imagine the calmness you would enjoy. No more hasty trips to the sitting room to scream at your kids for absent mindedly tripping a cup of milk on the floor.

You probably wonder whether you the vinyl flooring will give you a cold. It is true that this type of flooring will have a cooler effect on your feet than in the case of carpets. You however have the chance to have a home elegantly styled, and can easily be cleaned at the expense of having slippers on for warmth, not a bad deal at all.

Style! We are talking about vinyl flooring, right? This type of flooring has come of age without a doubt. Don’t look at the patterns and styles available in the seventies and think that isn’t what it is today. With lots of patterns, colors, styles, and types, the decor of nearly every room in your house can be enhanced uniquely. You can never run out of choices. You won’t have to deal with the boring look of vinyl that was similar to its ceramic tiled cousin. Experts have better ideas, new technologies, and of course the will, motivation, and inspiration to come up with some of the best styles.

A vinyl flooring is easy to install and maintain. As opposed to carpets, you will not have the worry of changing it after a given time. A vinyl floor gives you not only good elegant looks, but also guarantees you of durability. Don’t forget how easy it is to maintain it as well.

Be ready to spend a little more money to install the vinyl flooring than you would in the case of a carpet. Have it in mind however that it is a worthy deal at the end of the day.