Where Can I Find Exhibition Carpet Suppliers For Shopping Malls?

There are quite a number of exhibition carpet suppliers in Singapore. Unfortunately, not all of them can be trusted to deliver high quality exhibition carpets. The user should therefore know exactly what they are looking for before they shop for a supplier.

Some of the things that the buyer should consider before they look for a supplier for their exhibition carpet include:

– Carpet construction: This is the amount of pile that is packed into the carpet. It is measured in ounces of yarn per unit volume.
– The material of the carpet: The carpet could be made from wool, polyester, nylon, acrylics or olefin. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.
– Manufacturing method: Carpets can be woven, knitted, tufted or fusion bonded. 
– The texture of the carpet: The carpet could have different textures based on whether they are cut pile, level loop pile, cut and loop, or static resistant carpets.

When choosing a supplier for the exhibition carpets, it is important to visit a supplier who has all the different types of carpets. The supplier should also have all the different colors so that the carpet matches the theme of the exhibition or the shopping mall. A supplier who has a wide range of products will understand the needs of their client and meet them effectively. Potential customers who are looking for such clients can find them in a wide number of places.


This is one of the best places to find exhibition carpet suppliers in Singapore. A quick search will reveal a list of reputable companies that supply different types of carpets for exhibitions and shopping malls. The buyer should compare the different companies before they choose the one they will purchase from. Their comparison should include prices, customer service, variety of carpets, variety of colors, and their ability to answer the client’s questions. The customer can then choose the best company based on these factors.


Reviews boards and forums are great places to go to when looking for a good company to supply exhibition carpets. These reviews are usually written by honest previous clients. The clients will provide a comprehensive review on their experience with the company. The testimonials usually include information on their customer service, whether they delivered promptly, after sales services such as installing the carpets, and even information on discounts and special offers. The reviews will also have the negatives of working with particular companies. This information can help the potential buyer to choose the supplier that they will deal with.


There are a number of directories in Singapore that have information on the best exhibition carpet suppliers in Singapore. These directories usually have information on the suppliers’ names, addresses, contact details, and physical location. There are some directories that may even have pictures of some of the carpets that the supplier has.


There are some buyers who prefer to look at the physical product before they make a purchase. Such buyers are in luck as Singapore has a number of trade fairs and shows each year. There is always a trade fair for Interior design and decor companies. There are also some trade fairs for furniture companies that feature the best carpet suppliers. The potential buyers can visit these trade shows and look at the carpets on display. They can ask the sales representatives all the questions that they may have about their carpets. The advantage of going to these trade shows is that a lot of carpet suppliers are usually in attendance. Therefore, the buyer will be able to interact with the different suppliers at the same place.


Individuals who do not have the time to visit trade shows and who do not trust the internet can get valuable information through networking. They may know friends, family or colleagues who have worked with different carpet suppliers for shopping malls. They can ask these people to recommend a great supplier who they can work with.

Finding a carpet supplier can be a time consuming task, as there are so many great suppliers in Singapore. However, not all of them can meet the specific needs of a particular client. Therefore, understanding the properties of carpets will help the client to know what to look for. The above sources will help them to know where to find the best exhibition carpet supplier in Singapore.

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