What Is The Best Color For Office Carpet In Singapore?

Your well-being and mood is affected by the surrounding environment. This means the colors which surround you in the office may affect the way you feel and think. Therefore, make sure the carpet installation you decide is natural. For instance, if you are working on a project that requires intense focus and concentration, non-stimulating and relaxing colors are the best choice. However, if you want to be energetic and upbeat the whole day, then go for strong and bold colors that can increase your blood pressure leaving you feeling alert all the time.

Here are some of the examples of the recommended office carpet colors in Singapore. These colors are meant to enhance the productivity as well as create a comfortable and semi-relaxing ambiance.

Light Brown

A chocolaty brown or light cocoa color can really stir someone’s senses and create a nature-inspired atmosphere. In addition, it creates a sense of being grounded. That is to say it makes a person feel strong and resilient.

Moss Green

Light green color with a blue or yellow base can be refreshing and restful color. It adds some warmth to the office and also provides comfort, especially if you are working alone in the office. This color is ideal because it never makes you sleepy. If you want to remain in productive mode every time, choose a sage or medium green color.


Beige or white-cream is a wonderful neutral color for office carpet. Other than carpet, this color can be applied to the walls and other office furnishings. It is said to be a calm and simple color preferred by many people.

Light Orange

Orange is one of the energizing colors that stimulate excitement, happiness and creativity. This color is valuable and ideal, especially for those who wish to stay energetic and peppy throughout the day.

Pale Blue

This color has a very soothing and calming effect on a person’s senses. In fact, it can make you stay productive and focused for a very long time. Light blues such as sky blue or eggshell can really make your office carpet look attractive. The carpet with this color can also match well with the walls thus bringing a natural atmosphere to the office.


Although some people do not like grey color, the truth is that it is a neutral color which can be easily improved with white, brown and black colors. Grey is among the easiest colors that can be worked with especially if you have colorful picture frames, and desk accessories. It is a calm and soothing color that will never cause any strong emotions.


This color is best for the studious type, especially those who concentrate on a particular thing for many hours. It is a perfect color that can support the energy level of your body. Olive is a slightly rich and dark color which has a natural and earthy tone. In most cases, it is complemented with brown, black and cocoa colors.

Any of the above colors, no doubt, will add value to your office.