What Is The Best Carpet Color For Office?

When choosing the right carpet for your office, it’s like choosing the right carpet for your living room. At the basic level, you need to pay attention to color and style. You need to approximate the amount of carpeting needed to cover the whole office floor, and also consider the potential wear related to the traffic that your office receives on a daily basis.

But the most important thing to consider is color because colors have the ability to change mood and even the dimensions of your office so that it looks bigger or smaller. Well, it might not change the fact that your office space is 15 feet by 20 feet, but it can make that space feel and appear larger, and that’s the power of colors. In fact, when it comes to carpet color selection, it has a far greater impact than just selecting a color that demands less carpet cleaning.

In Singapore today, many businesses are coming up. There’s need to conduct business in a friendly environment, where clients can get a welcoming feeling. Apart from a clean office environment, colors play a vital role in spicing up the interior decor of your office room. Lighter carpet colors have the ability to make a room appear larger, while darker hues will make the same room appear more intimate. If you combine these with paint colors, a short and narrow room can be transformed by complimenting deeper colors on the walls with light carpet colors.

One remarkable thing about colors is that they can alter the mood and feeling of people who conduct business in your office. Different colors create an aura of serenity, warmth, intimacy and can even excite sometimes. Whereas the study of color physiology is still in its infancy stages, there are a number of consistent findings that support facts about colors and how people feel when they are subjected to them. In an office, your carpet color can either stimulate or depress.

The right office carpet with the right color will lift your client’s spirits. Utilizing the power of colors can be an extremely powerful tool, especially if you know how to engage the power of colors to strike the right balance. The good thing is that each color affects each individual pretty the same way. Every color has its own impact on a person.

Remarkably, colors are perceived differently in regards to gender. Dorcus (1926) perceived that yellow had a higher affective value for men than women. On the other hand, George (1938) perceived that blue stood out among men than women. Jastrow (1897) found out that men preferred blue to red and women exactly the opposite.

Red is one of the most stimulating colors in the color palette. It is thought to increase energy and blood flow. Individuals who work in an environment with red tend to work faster, harder and are more productive. Even though this color increases endurance, it increases tension and could cause more work-related errors. In other words, your office carpet should not be red. You’d be far better off if you chose grey, brown, or darker colors for your office carpet.

You should be very careful when selecting carpet colors for the office. Carpet colors use the same principles just like other interior finishing. So when getting one for the office, ensure that you consider the right colors that support the kind of environment you’ll be operating in.