What Are The Different Types Of Vinyl Flooring?

Are you among the many homeowners in Singapore who are interested about vinyl flooring? Singapore is considered as one of the most promising countries in Asia in terms of economic growth so it’s just normal for you to observe home and building construction countrywide. Vinyl flooring is a good option as it offers both beauty and durability. But then again, choosing the right type of vinyl flooring is crucial to achieve desirable results and end up having a home you can be proud of. Read through this article to know more about the different types of flooring that are currently gaining the attention of countless homeowners not just in Singapore but worldwide.

Sierra Plank Collection

This type of vinyl flooring is widely used among Singapore homes due to its elegance. It comes in various style including Quincy, Volcano, Tahoma, Chico, Portola, Norden, and a few more. These styles differ not just in design but also in terms of color and wood grain. Probably the best thing about the Sierra Plank collection is that they are often manufactured using recycled vinyl so availing them would basically mean conserving the environment.

Mannington Floors

Installing Mannington floors won’t require so much time and effort making them the best option for quick home construction projects. This type of vinyl flooring does not require the use of glue and can be installed on virtually any surface. You will surely find a Mannington floor that blends well with the overall theme of your home since this type of flooring is offered in various styles such as vintage oak espresso, Georgia Maple, and Essex oak honey. To be exposed on more styles and designs, browse through a number of local flooring shops in Singapore and figure out which of them offers beautiful and highly durable Mannington floors.


Vertex offers a wide variety of flooring choices. It is the best option for homeowners who are looking for unique vinyl flooring and not just those that offer a plain woody feel. Sierra tile, patina tile, confetti coffee, slate, and ashlar, are just some of the many Vertex vinyl flooring styles you can choose from. Despite their exceptional beauty and elegance, it’s surprising that this type of flooring is among the most affordable in the market today. Homeowners in Singapore will surely love how this type of flooring can introduce a fresher look on their premise without leading them to excessive expenditures.


A box of Nafco vinyl can cover at most 27 sq. ft. This type of vinyl is among the most in demand nowadays due to its low price. Homeowners and business owners who simply can’t spend so much for flooring but would not want to compromise quality in the process, finds Nafco vinyl as a great pick. The price of Nafco vinyl covers vary depending on style where wood and other trendy designs tend to cost more while less famous ones are cheaper.


Majority of elegant homes in Singapore have Armstrong vinyl flooring. Its famous antique style is a big hit particularly for those who want to restore an ancestral house. Armstrong also features a style which can be closely compared to ceramic tiles. Although it is a bit more expensive compared to wood vinyl, many are interested to try it out as the style introduces a unique look to any household like no other.