Pros & Cons On Using Used Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are becoming more popular by the day. More people are embracing and appreciating the carpets as the preferred type of flooring. The carpets are available either as new or used carpet tiles. Initially, people did not go for used carpets. However, this is changing overtime. Although the flooring is common in the commercial setting, it is becoming common in the domestic environment. There are several reasons that will drive a person to purchasing the used tiles. This will vary according to availability of the item, the cost, source of the product, and maintenance.

Pros of Using Second Hand Carpet Tiles

 · More affordable: – 
The main reason that influences people to buy used carpet tiling is the affordability. Every other day, companies are usually disposing off the carpets as part of an annual makeover or re branding exercise. The firms usually get rid of the pieces without much thought about recouping the initial expense making the tile carpets more affordable.· Quality carpets:-The main users of tile carpets are companies. It is a known fact that companies will always try to take care of the flooring in a bid to create a customer-friendly environment. The carpets are usually of high quality sourced from reputable dealers. In fact, the flooring is not sold because of aging, but rather as a way of giving the office a fresh look. · Easily Available: – Companies are the main users of tile carpets. With so many firms in existence, it becomes much easier to get quality tiles. A person only needs to interact with a proficient carpet dealer who will be able to get the ideal rug tiles. In many instances, the same second hand dealers also install new carpets in the company.· Quick Fix: – There are instances when a person requires repairing a small portion of the flooring. Unfortunately, the new tile carpets may be sold in packs or blocks. This means that a prospective buyer has to pay more for pieces he will not even use. This makes used carpet tiles a better option since the customer is not only able to choose the exact number, but also pay a lower price.

Cons Of Using Used Carpet Tiling

· Shorter useful life: – No matter how well maintained the carpets are, they remained used. The surface appearance may almost be similar to new tile carpets, but the carpet will have suffered wear and tear. The flooring will therefore never offer a user the same reliability as that of new carpets. It is also hard to know how much the structural integrity has been affected hence a person more often than not is expected to rely on his instincts or the dealer’s word.· Hard to Find a replacement piece: – Usually, since companies always prefer to have a unique appeal, they may go for custom-made tile carpets. When installing the carpets, a user will also have exquisite flooring. However, when there is need to replace a small portion, it may become a challenge finding an exact match. This may force a customer to replace the entire flooring simply because he was unable to replace a piece that was stained by coffee or wine spill.· Uneven surface: – Due to high human traffic, some sections of the floor will be more affected than others. This will usually be areas that are constantly stepped on. When using the tiles, the floor may have an uneven surface. Some areas will be bumpy; others will have faded out, while some may have lost the fluffy appearance.· Risk of Infection: – No matter how credible the second hand carpet dealer is, there is always a risk of purchasing poor quality carpets. As a person intending to purchase the used rug tiles, you run the risk of bringing pests, fungi, or bacteria into the home or office when purchasing second hand carpet tiles. 

The above are some of the features to consider when buying second hand tile carpets. Nonetheless, a person should go the extra mile and exercise due diligence. This will include only dealing with reputable companies, asking for guarantee on the product, and possibly having the dealer install the carpet as part of the sale. Since the carpet tiles are already used, they will have suffered from wear and tear. A person purchasing used carpet tiles should be aware. They will therefore offer limited service compared to new tile carpets.