The Pros and Cons of Carpet Tiles

Looking for carpet tiles? There are quite a number of flooring and carpeting materials which can be used in the construction of your home, office or any other building. Some of these materials have been in existence for several years but more recent ones such as carpet tiles are increasingly becoming more popular because they come along with several benefits. However, carpet tiles also have their own share of cons, something which discourages some people from using them to carpet their floors. This article highlights some of top pros and cons of carpet tiles hence helping you to make an informed decision if you are looking to carpet your floors.

The pros;

Carpet tiles are versatile. They are available in a variety of shapes, designs, sizes and colors. This gives you the opportunity to fully customize your floors according to your preferences. These tiles offer a stylish solution to people who love trendy floors by using different designs to carpet your home.

Add easy installation procedure to versatility and you have a perfect combination of all you need in a flooring material. Carpet tiles are relatively easier to install as compared to other materials such as wood and concrete. You can install these tiles depending on how they are manufactured. For instance, there are some which are self-adhesive hence easily attach themselves to the underlying material while others can be held down by their weight and yet others can be reinforced by use of specialized tapes.

When a carpet tiles gets damaged, you only need to replace the particular tile. This is very economical because a lot of money can be saved when making subsequent repairs. Imagine how expensive it would be to replace a larger part, or whole of the floor should a damage occur! This is why carpet tiles are evidently the most suitable flooring material in the modern world today.

Easy to clean: Although this may not be categorized as a major benefit, it is still pleasing to use carpet tiles because they are easy to clean and do not consume lots of detergent.

The cons;

Carpet tiles appear disjointed when laid side by side. This should not necessarily be an issue of concern, but it is a significant disadvantage for people who prefer floors with a plain plan. Furthermore, as the carpet tiles continue growing old, lines of weakness may be formed along the disjoints hence appearing unattractive.

Another disadvantage of working with carpet tiles is the fact that they are not as dense as other materials. The idea that they are also purchased in square or cubic meters means that some tiles may succumb to breakages hence rendering them useless.

There are also concerns about carpet tiles on their durability perhaps because they are not designed to last long enough, or the nature in which they are manufactured does not allow them sufficient durability. This, together with the acquisition costs, can prove to be a nightmare especially for people working on a fixed budget.

There you have them, the pros and cons of carpet tiles; you are now in a better position to make an informed decision on whether they suit your needs!