How to Prevent Carpet From Discoloration?

It is everybody’s heartfelt desire to have a beautiful and expensive carpet at home that becomes neighbor’s envy and owner’s pride. However the sad fact that remains is that carpets are not made to last a lifetime and they are prone to wear and tear due to exposure to damaging agents like dirt and dust. It may be very difficult at times to guard your carpet against damage.
One such problem that many house owners in Singapore face is discoloration of the carpet. The fact remains that a number of people do not even know the reason behind the fading that ultimately results in permanent carpet discoloration making the carpet look unattractive. If you are also one among those who have been troubled with frequent discoloration of their carpets, it is not the time to give up.

Read this post and get going to avoid discoloration using these maintenance tips.

1. Take care not to spill liquids on the carpet:
The prime cause of long term discoloration of carpets is the accidental spills that go unnoticed. Drinks and food particles often fall on the carpet causing smears that change the hue of the carpet fibers. You may have a carpet maintenance regimen for your carpet but gradually discoloration starts appearing come what may. The only way to guard your carpet against discoloration from spills is to minimize those accidental spills by being over cautious about them. This is a good way to maintain the shade of your carpet for long.

2. Regularly remove dust and dirt:
Another major factor that causes carpet discoloration is the dust and dirt that settles over it with time. Although dust and dirt may seem to be a less severe problem, but its accumulation over time is sure to cause discoloration and browning of certain areas of the carpet. The best way to prevent this damage is to regularly dust your carpet and if possible, use a vacuum cleaner or a dust buster frequently. This exercise needs to be done as frequently as three times a week.

3. Steam cleaning:
Another effective method of cleaning a carpet to retain its color is steam cleaning. This not only brightens the carpet but also catches any deeply embedded dirt particles. It is very instrumental in keeping the color of the carpet. Also, putting a shoe mat at the entrance is a good way to ensure that shoes that trample the carpet are clean to an extent.

4. Avoid Sunlight:
It is certain that all carpets will get discolored with time. Sunlight is a major cause of carpet discoloration. The extent of discoloration due to sunlight depends on the exposure, intensity and the type of dye that has been used on the carpet. A solution dyed carpet is least susceptible to fading due to sun. To avoid discoloration by sunlight, a wise move will be to treat the windows with protective coating and draperies to filter the UV rays. If you reside in an area where the carpet is expected to be exposed to harsh sunlight, be careful while choosing the type of carpet next time.

5. Carpet protectors:

Another good way to prevent carpet discoloration is to coat it with a protective chemical. Ask your carpet cleaning company to apply a carpet protector while cleaning. This will prevent your carpet from absorbing spills that damage fibers.
These five tips to prevent carpet discoloration will go a long way in keeping your carpets appear new for a longer length of time.