How To Measure The Right Size For Carpet Installation?

Whether you are looking towards installing a carpet in your plush office space overlooking the Marina Bay or hunting for the perfect carpeting options for your residence at Orchard Road; it is very important to measure the right size required for your carpet installation needs. Though it may seem complicated at the very outset, the job of measuring the exact carpet area is not very difficult. Read on for valuable insights into furnishing the floors of your room, the correct way. 

Measuring the size for Carpet Installation – The Right Way

Before you start your search for the perfect carpet or underfoot furnishings in Singapore, it is essential to have an insight into the measurements of the room which require their installation. The process can prove to be extremely daunting for those who are wary of incorrect measurements and/or do not have access to the right tools for going about the task. So, how do you approach the issue on hand?

Instead of getting apprehensive about erroneous calculations, simply sketch a diagram of the room which requires carpeting. This diagram does not require perfect scales but should be capable of providing you with a fair idea regarding the yardage or area which requires carpeting. Measure the length and breadth of each room and round up the units to the nearest half-foot. So, if your room happens to be 11 feet wide and 10 feet 3 inches long; then record the measurements as 10.5 ft X 11 ft. 

If you plan to purchase your carpet in yards, then remember to divide the area in square feet by nine—this gives you the accurate area in square yards. The process can be repeated for all the other rooms which require carpeting. 

Grouping the Measurements
After getting the room size measurements in hand, you should segregate these figures according to the style or color of carpeting required. The area of each room should be applied to these groups to generate the total area of carpeting required for individual rooms. Adding these totals will give you the grand total for the amount of carpeting required in each color/style. 

Professional carpet sellers and carpet installation experts opine that you should add 10 percent of the total requirements to the grand total. This takes care of any unwarranted mistakes taking place during the measurement process. A little bit of extra carpeting goes a long way in facilitating the easy sewing of carpets at their seams. 

Points to Remember
While measuring the dimensions of a room for carpet installation, it is important to take the linear footage from its farthest points. Citing an example, if you have a closet in your room, then you need to take the length/width of the room from the wall behind the closet. 

If the area that requires carpeting is L-shaped in nature, then you can easily measure its size by dividing the room into two rectangles and measuring their areas separately. The total of these two areas provides the total amount of carpeting required. 

Accurate and careful measurement of the area which requires carpet installation leads to greater savings and alleviates the chances of any unwanted hassles or errors in future.