How To Choose The Right Carpet Color For My Office?

Carpets are available in a dramatic range of colors that can help you enhance the overall mood and ambiance of your business. Apparently, colors hold a special significance in our lives and mindset. They are also used to encourage certain feelings in people, required for better productivity at workplace. If you feel predicament about choosing a particular carpet color for your office, then read further. This guide will make you understand the uses of different colors and help you pick the right one for your office’s flooring. 

Understanding The Use Of Colors In Commercial Places 

Carpet is one of the most visible and impactful option for flooring. It makes a very significant part of every decor and thus, has the ability to make or break the beauty of a room. The right selection of carpet color and texture will ensure soft, warm and comfortable ambiance for everyone around. As far as clinics and hospitals are concerned, light shades of green and yellow are considered good due to their soothing properties. On the other hand, red being a stimulating color is appropriate for offices that require some adventurous look, creating a specific ambiance. Red carpets often work well in theatres and bars. 

However, most businesses houses in Singapore prefer using carpets in different shades of blue. This is because blue is a cool and relaxing color, which help employees maintain psychological balance amidst all work pressures and responsibilities at workplace. Blue is a great color that helps alleviate stress and produce the feeling of peace. 

The most common color palette used in office carpets belongs to the family of neutral colors. The colors available in this category include: white, light cream, beige, black and grey. White and light shades like beige and creams are preferred in places where brightness is required, while the dark colors like black and grey are preferred in more professional places like boardroom and conference rooms. Also, black and grey carpets are primarily used to add glamour and modern touch to the ambiance. 

Tips To Choose The Right Carpet Color For Your Office 

In this section, we’ve discussed some tips and factors that will help you pick the right carpet colors for your office. 

Level of traffic 
Needless to say, the more traffic will be walked across your carpets, the more risk of spills, stains and dirt will be there. Light carpets should never be used in high traffic areas like lobby, waiting area or reception. In such areas, only black or darker shades should be considered to maintain the exquisite feel of the interior. 

Use of space
You should be aware of the functionality of the carpets you would like to install at particular places in your office. Do you want your carpets to brighten the dark room or tone down the already brighter ones? Red is supposed to be a perfect choice for offices, as it wears well and tend to hide all the flaws like stains and spills in a very glamorous way. 

Match The Purpose Of Your Business 
It is very important to choose carpet color according to the purpose of your business. If you own a business in media industry, you can experiment with plenty of bright shades like yellow, red, orange and green. However, if you deal in more serious products and services, opting for neutral shades should be your best take. It is also advised to pick any prominent color from your company’s logo design to match the theme.

Design Match
Take into consideration the furniture, wall coverings and other accessories of your office, when selecting the color and texture for carpets. The carpet color should support another object in the room such as piece of furniture or painting. This is to make sure that your carpet installation does not make the room seem too busy and confusing. 

 In conclusion, if you have an eye for detail, carpet color selection should not seem like a tedious job. However, if you still think that you may not be able to make the right choice, then you can always choose beige. It is a safe color that goes well with all walls and interior themes. Carpets can be purchased in any color. All you need is to have a good imagination and ability to choose the right style for office carpet.