How To Choose Office Carpet Tile?

Office carpet tiles are quite popular in most commercial buildings and offices for various obvious reasons. They are trendy, stylish, cost effective, durable and easy to install. They are also easy to maintain and make activities such as cleaning simple. Finding office carpet tile should not be a daunting task as there is a high demand and many businesses that retail tiles exist in the market. However, not all tiles you run into are of desirable quality and some will not meet your unique office needs. It is therefore important to keenly assess your offers and find out whether they are the right quality standard. Here is a detailed descriptive guide that will help you choose the right office tile:

Decide whether you need a carpet tile or broadloom carpet

The first step to choosing the right office carpet tile is making a decision whether you need it. Not all spaces will look awesome with a carpet tile and for such cases conventional carpet rolls can still meet your requirements for aesthetic beauty, style and durability. All you need is an innovative design that fits well into your office and blends into the colors. Once you decide to purchase carpet tiles, you should know the following:

• Carpet tile styles –

Office carpet tiles come in various styles (pile styles, manufacturer styles, fiber types and sizes). The ultimate goal is to envision the unique pattern you are going for in the space. Looking at one pile can quickly sell you on the option. It is advisable to envision the design scheme you want and picture the entire room covered by that carpet tile. Size greatly impacts how the finished floor and pattern will look. You should therefore effectively consider the space and right tile size that will give you the design you are looking for.

• Backing material –

The material used in the backing is also different across different brands. You can get carpet tiles backed using vinyl and fiber glass or either, urethane, recycled vinyl or woven polypropylene among others. It is important to choose high quality backing as it directly influences dimensional stability of the carpet. Since you do not want to install carpets that will be slipping out of place, it is recommendable to keenly inspect the peel-and-stick options to ensure they are functional and durable.

• Installation –

We have adhesive and non-adhesive carpet tiles. The adhesive options are often peel and stick while the alternative requires glue for installation. While both are possible to install without the need for a professional carpet installer, you should consider your options and which one suits your needs.

Choosing the carpet tile

The path to finding the best office carpet tile is simple and straightforward. Once you get past the style and design aspects, you need to start focusing on quality, convenience and maintenance. Carpet tiles are supposed to keep your offices looking stylish for a long period of time. You must therefore go for the highest quality options that are made of durable material.

Cheap quality materials will quickly depreciate and the desirable design will become a nightmare within a short time. Offices are exposed to high traffic and require strong durable materials that can withstand the frequent cleaning and stepping. Since you will be cleaning the tiles, it is important to choose options that are easy to clean and maintain. Carpet tiles are generally easy to clean and do not hold on to dirt. However, you can still find some cheap quality options that require harsh abrasive cleaning agents to bring back their sparkling polish. Another important aspect to consider is the manufacturer’s warranty.

This is a very crucial consideration since it touches on issues of safety and durability (value for money). You should only buy office carpet tiles whose manufacturers give legit quality warranty that protects you from investing in curling, shrinking or buckling tiles. When tiles go through any of these processes, they do not only cause an ugly scene in your office but also pose a huge risk as you can easily trip on the seams that develop after shrinking. This can expose your business to various lawsuits and compensation claims when both employees and clients accidentally slip within your spaces.

Selecting brand and business

The last aspect of choosing office carpet tile is selecting the brand and business. As aforementioned, there are several businesses that sell carpet tiles and finding one should not be a problem. However, not all of them will be capable of providing desirable quality tiles that will meet your needs. Fortunately, there are various attributes and characteristics used to distinguish reliable brands and businesses from the rest. Things to look for in office carpet tile businesses and manufacturers include:

• Good reputation –

the easiest way to gauge the quality and reliability of any product or business is through evaluating their reputation. Brands and companies that have consistently provided high quality carpet tiles will definitely have a good reputation within the area. You can always look through comments, opinions and testimonials of previous clients to learn from their experiences with a given business or brand.

• Experience and long service –

companies that have been in the carpet tile industry for a much longer time are often deemed better although this may not be wholly true. They simply have profound experience from years of installing different types of carpet tiles and probably have streamlined service delivery frameworks besides a reviewable portfolio full with previous users of their offers.

There are other minor elements to inspect in the company providing carpet tiles. They should be reputable for providing high quality brands and designs that meet both environmental standards and unique user needs. It is generally advisable to choose credible licensed businesses that are allowed to operate in the area. This will ensure you get quality provisions and warranties that protect your from sub-standard products.


Office carpet tiling is a revolutionary concept that many businesses have already embraced. It is cost effective and also results in a better aesthetic view and customization. You can play with different patterns and pile sizes to come up with something different. They also come in varied colors which only make customization much easier. Moreover, they are easy to install, clean and maintain. The above steps will help you get high quality tiles that can meet your set purpose.