How To Choose Carpet Tile Density In Singapore?

If you are on the lookout of a durable and versatile floor covering to decorate the floors of your Singaporean home, then carpet tiles tops the list. These carpet tiles feature various designs and artistic patterns, which makes it a perfect choice if you are aiming at home improvement. You will find lots of traditional and modern designs in these tiles, as they are perfect to decorate the floors of your Singaporean abode. Apart from covering the floor, these carpet tiles can also enhance the decor of your home and offers an aesthetic appeal. When you are planning to purchase these tiles then make sure, you consider the carpet tiles density to get a durable one that can last you for many years.

Making a note of the density is essential while buying it as the comfort, warmth, durability and design varies according to the density of these tiles. The density of the carpet depends on various factors such as the yarn, material used and the thickness of the carpet tiles. Make sure you check all these factors before you buy these carpet tiles for your home. Remember the greater the density of the carpet tile, the more would be the cushiony feeling to your feet.

Choose from different carpet types:

You will have different types of carpet tiles to choose from ranging from hand woven carpet tiles, flat weave tiles, tufted tiles, fiberglass tiles, vinyl tiles and need felt tiles. The density of the woven carpet tiles is much higher than the rest and hence you can choose the hand woven ones with good density for offering long lasting service. Though woven type is a bit expensive than the tufted tiles or flat weave tiles, it means it involves so much effort and labor to make it.

Consider the fiber of the carpet tile:

Usually carpet tiles are made with materials like polyester, wool, nylon, blended and polypropylene. Those tiles made with nylon fibers are high in density that the rest of the fibers and offer a good amount of durability even in homes with high traffic. If there are tiles made with wool, then choose this over nylon as the tiles made with wool have better carpet tiles density. If you are looking for an inexpensive option, then you can choose polypropylene as it is highly durable yet cheap.

Check for thickness:

Always choose the ones that have a good amount of thickness for your homes. This is because when thickness and density blends well, you will get a better carpet tile for your floors. You can check this by inspecting the yarns of the carpet tile. Choose the ones that have tightly packed fibers as it will restrict the liquids from seeping inside if accidentally split over and prevents dust or soil from accumulating inside.

Look for density:

Carpet tiles density refers to the amount of yarn used per square yard, which is usually higher in wool and nylon. Check for the twists in the carpet tile and choose the ones with a tighter twist as it offers excellent density. The above said criteria will allow you to find the right carpet tiles density that is essential for your abodes in Singapore.