How Can I Make My Carpet Last Longer?

How Can I Make My Carpet Last Longer? Like any other products, carpets are subject to wear and tear. The main damage comes from intense foot traffic, stains, and pets, and children doing their messy job. Normally, you should replace your carpeting every seven years.

However, if you want to make it last a bit longer, there are some rules you have to follow. Read on to know some tips on extending the lifespan of your carpets.

1. Keep dirty shoes away

While some cultures allow walking around the house in shoes, it’s a very messy practice. Shoes bring a lot of dust and dirt from outside on your carpet, making it closer to replacement. The dirt penetrates to the carpet backing, becoming really hard to remove unless you address it immediately.

If you allow the soil to set in, lifting it later will get close to impossible. That’s why you are good to ask your guests and family members to remove shoes at the doorstep to protect carpeting. With less dirt lying on it, the carpet is going to breathe easier and last longer.

2. Vacuum a lot

How Can I Make My Carpet Last Longer?

Once the dirt arrives on the carpet, your chances are still high to remove it at ease. However, if you let it sit, the foot traffic will inevitably push it deeper into the fiber. Seeing itself settled at the baking of the carpet, the dirt will stubbornly refuse to get out.

You will have to use extreme measures that can end up in fiber damage. That’s why you have to hunt the dirt while it’s still fresh and while it sits on the fiber surface. How?

It’s simple, by frequent vacuuming.

Make your vacuum cleaner the best weapon in the fight against daily carpet dust and grime. Use it as often as you can to free the fiber of enemies that compromise its durability and visual appeal. Keep in mind that vacuuming 10 times is easier than rubbing a tough dirt buildup for hours.

Just let the machine do its 5-minute job to save on additional efforts and elbow grease in the future. It will not only extend your free time but will also prolong the lifespan of your carpet.

3. Move the furniture on the rota system

Furniture can hurt the carpeting’s lifespan. Due to its high weight presses on the carpet, ruining its fluffiness and making it flat and solid. The more the item stands on the carpet, the flatter and uglier it gets. You can stop the damage from taking proportion by moving furniture on a rota system.

If the room allows it, make a point of rotating furniture on regular basis. In this way, you will ensure that a carpet area doesn’t have to always endure the weight of a heavy object. Instead, it will handle lighter items too, like a table or chair.

In this way, you guarantee your carpet will preserve its fibers nice and fluffy for longer and not require replacement.

4. Use professional cleaning

How Can I Make My Carpet Last Longer?

If you want to make your carpeting last longer, you should consider signing a professional carpet cleaning contract. Having a team of experts cleaning and disinfecting your rugs from time to time will solve many problems.

While homemade methods work, nothing beats the professional techniques of destroying the carpet’s worst enemies. The cleaning team uses industry-grade tools and products that reach out to the deepest soil and lift it. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself methods cannot deal with hard-to-reach dirt.

That’s why, you should hire a professional cleaning crew to offer deep cleaning to your carpeting, making it last longer.

The team has powerful devices at their disposal that an average homeowner may not have. So instead of using your low-power steam cleaner, allow the professional-grade steam machine to do the job faster and more effectively.

How Can I Make My Carpet Last Longer? – Conclusion

How Can I Make My Carpet Last Longer?

Making carpet last longer is not a chapter from a fairytale. This is absolutely possible by committing yourself to follow a list of rules. Make sure you take good care of your carpet, vacuuming it on regular basis to keep dirt from embedding into the fiber.

Hire a team of professional cleaners to deep clean and disinfect your rugs, removing even the backing soils. This will keep the fiber from losing color, fluffiness, and durability. Also, consider moving the furniture around to prevent a heavy object sit on a carpet area too much.

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