Engineered Wood Flooring Vs Carpet

Normally two types of flooring are popularly used in the offices, carpets and engineered wood flooring, in Singapore. Though both of them give a great look to your official space but you can choose either of them according to your needs. In order to make a wise decision in this regard you will have to understand the differences in their features and benefits.

Engineered wood flooring vs Carpet

Features of Engineered Wood flooring

This option is considered to be more dependable and stable than traditional wood flooring as it is designed to resolve a number of problems faced by the users of standard wood flooring. The layers of engineered wood flooring keeps the floor as it is for long time by blocking the moisture which can cause swelling or warping of floor otherwise. Other reasons to choose it for your office than carpet include:

Visual attraction:

The flooring made of engineered wood looks more attractive than carpet. You can choose it to attract the attention of the people visiting your office. It can give a high class luxurious look if the quality and finish of the wood used in it is selected wisely.

Easy to Clean:

As compared to carpet engineered wood flooring is easier to clean due to its smooth and solid surface. It can be cleaned just by wiping it as it does not capture dust and dirt from the environment.

Avoid allergen:

The installation of engineered wood flooring helps in avoiding the problems caused by allergen usually found in the carpet. In this you will be able to keep the environment, employees and the clients of your office healthy.

Strong and sturdy:

While selecting flooring for your office you should focus on its sturdiness and durability. You need not replace engineered wood flooring as frequently as the carpet as it remains as it is for long time if maintained properly.

Versatile use:

You can use this floor covering option flexibly in your office as you can also use rugs and carpets in certain areas with it to give it a softer feel. This type of versatility cannot be availed with carpet flooring.

Everlasting option:

If you want to give everlasting look to your office then it is the best option for you as it can match to all types of decor used along with it.

Environment friendly:

If you are looking for environment friendly option for your office flooring then again it is the best as compared to the carpets made from synthetic materials as it is made of natural wood.

Features of Carpet flooring

Carpets are normally used for office flooring to improve its appearance. The style, colour and beauty of this floor covering can add to the looks of your place. It can give a comfortable and elegant feel to your office depending upon the design and style you choose for it. Some other factors that can help you in choosing it for your place are given here under.

Cosy and relaxing:

The soft materials used in the carpets make them comfortable and relaxing as compare to engineered wood flooring. It becomes great option for you due to its fluffiness.

Sound insulation:

Carpets provide quiet work environment to the busy offices where people move up and down very frequently as it absorbs the sound effectively. It helps in improving productivity of the employees as they go on working without any distraction.

Save energy:

This option reduces the use of energy especially during winter as it helps in retaining the warmth in the office as it works as thermal insulators.

Safe and protective:

You can increase the safety in your office by installing carpet flooring in it. It reduces the chances of slipping on the wet floor and provides cushioning for your feet to work in safer work environment. All the employees and visitors, old and young, can walk through your official workplace comfortably without pressurizing their body parts. It can also reduce the chances of getting injured in case someone falls on the floor due to any reason.


As compared to engineered wood flooring carpets are more affordable for an office. You need not replace them every year if you maintain them properly. You can use them for long if you buy quality carpet for it.

Easy installation:
The installation of carpet flooring is easy and fast as you can use to with other type of floor coverings as per your official needs.

In fact, in terms of environment and the activities undertaken in them, offices are different from other establishments as they have to take care of the productivity of the employees working in it. That is why the flooring which is suitable for one workplace cannot be suitable for the other. So you cannot make a general decision while selecting flooring for any official space. You will have to evaluate the benefits of both of these floor coverings and the requirements of your place to a suitable option. As every workplace is unique so you cannot say that one floor covering is better than other. The engineered wood flooring can be the best option if you are looking for durable and elegant option but if you focus on the quiet and comfortable environment then carpet floorings are ideal for you. You can easily decide for anyone of these options by analysing their features as per your requirements.

Thus by knowing the features of various flooring options you can easily choose a suitable one for your office. Still there are certain other factors to be considered while choosing a floor covering for your workplace like your budget and the extent of usage of your place where you want to install it. Both of these options can be used for increasing the appearance of your workplace but you should consider all the factors influencing your decision, before buying any of them. The comparative study and understanding the differences in the features of both the options, engineered wood flooring and carpet, can also help in making a right decision.