Dry Carpet Cleaning VS Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This is a very popular debate among people. Many people have different opinions regarding carpet cleaning. Carpet is the thing that can decorate your house and enrich the beauty of your house. But cleaning the carpet is the most intricate thing. People have carpet in their houses; they know the tiresome work to clean it thoroughly. Carpet cleaning is very necessary in order to keep your health safe. The clean and germ-free carpet cannot create breathing trouble and allergy. There are two types of carpet cleaning method such as hot water extraction cleaning and dry carpet cleaning.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning method:

Steam is one of the ancient methods to clean something. Hot water extraction or steam is very much effective and safe for the people and the environment both. This is one of the universal solvent created by nature. So, this method is very much harmless and environment-friendly. Actually, the safety and security of our cared ones is very much important to us. So, we need to select the safest way to clean our carpet.

– This carpet cleaning method will kill the germs and dirt.
– It can also eliminate unpleasant smell from the carpet.
– This cleaning method is eco-friendly.
– This cleaning method is safe and secure for the patients suffer with allergy and asthma.
– This cleaning method is absolutely suitable for the children’s room.
– This cleaning method kills the microflora.


– It is one kind of deep cleaning methods that can eliminate dirt, dust and other kinds of harmful microorganisms.
– With the hot water extraction, you can remove the old and strong stains like coffee, juice and all.
– Steam cleaning can also remove the smells of various things from the carpet.
– This is a safe method for pregnant women and kids with allergy symptoms.
– This is one kind of safest mode for carpet cleaning and maintenance.


– It is a very tiresome and long-running process. It takes a long time to dry up the carpet as well.
– You will have to repeat this process once in every two or three months.

Dry cleaning of carpet:

You can clean your carpet with the dry cleaning method. It uses dry chemical compounds and cleaning solvents. You can use the eco-friendly green cleaning agents for the dry carpet cleaning method. A special carpet cleaning powder is being used in this method. It is applied on the carpet and then it is rubbed with the use of a special machine. This machine has counter-rotating brushes in it. One brush is using to lifts up the piles from the carpet. The other one is being used to rub the powder. This surface treatment takes 10 to 40 minutes. It also depends on the room temperature. There are so many carpet cleaning companies in Singapore. They will do it in their best way in order to provide you the top class service. It is mandatory to use the vertical vacuum cleaner in order to clean the carpet.


– It is one kind of fastest options for cleaning the carpet. It can dry up the carpet and other materials in half an hour.

– Dry cleaning is the gentle process of cleaning the carpet. The liquid is not used in this process. So, it is impossible to damage the silk, stain, and velvet due to moisture.

– It is an inexpensive method to clean your carpet, sofa, and chairs.
– It can quickly clean the carpet.
– It does not damage the color of the carpet as well.


– The dry cleaning method will not help you to remove the old and strong stains like coffee, juice and all other foods.
– It is not also applicable for removing the bad odor of the carpet.

You will have to choose the best method in order to clean the carpet. You can hire the professionals in order to do the hot water extraction cleaning process. There are also so many professional companies that can provide you the dry carpet cleaning method. It is totally up to you what you will choose for the cleaning process. But in the dry cleaning method, they may use harsh chemicals. So, you will have to take some safety measures in order to protect your family and especially kids and pregnant ladies. But the professional will do the whole process very gently and smartly.