Choosing The Right Outdoor Carpet

Decorating your outdoor areas will not be complete if you do not add a beautiful carpet to the floor. You will realize that once you have a carpet it will not only beautify your outdoor space but will also make it inviting and comfortable.

Apart from offering a nice look, carpets made of durable materials can protect your floor from weather-related moisture, dirt, and dust.

Below are some of the things that you can consider when you are choosing the right outdoor carpet.

Since there are so many kinds which you can choose, it means that you must be extremely careful so that you buy the right carpet.

1) Maintenance

Choosing The Right Outdoor Carpet

You cannot prevent your outdoor carpet from catching dirt. Therefore, you should choose an outdoor carpet which is very easier to clean. This is why you should consider carpets made from bamboo or jute since they naturally resist dirt.

However, you are not limited to these carpet materials, all that matters is for you to buy a stain-resistant carpet so that you can easily hose it down.

2) Shape

You should choose a carpet with a shape which can match well with the design of your outdoor space. If you have a large outdoor space you can choose either a square or rectangular carpet.

However, you should not be limited to the kind of shape you are going to choose. You are free to choose a carpet with a unique shape.

3) Size

When you choosing an outdoor carpet you should consider the area where you are going to place. Although there are no strict rules concerning the size of your outdoor carpet, you must follow the guidelines highlighted below.

  • The outdoor carpet that you place under the dining table must allow you to move the chairs backwards without causing any interruptions.
  • Smaller carpets can be more decorative and the best for occasion accent chairs.
  • You can use large carpets in defining your lounge setting with many pieces.

4) Comfort

Choosing The Right Outdoor Carpet

If most of the time you are you likely to step outside barefoot, then you should ensure that you choose a carpet that will be comfortable when you step on it. If the carpet is comfortable and soft, it will assist you to relax your feet.

5) Pattern

It’s very easy for outdoor carpets to overwhelm your outdoor landscape or offer you the kind of colour that you want. You should not limit yourself by having an outdoor carpet with a neutral colour.

There are so many colours and patterns which you can consider. In this case, you can consider buying an outdoor carpet with a colour that matches your patio furniture or the colour of your house. In case you have colourful furniture, then you can go for a solid carpet.

6) Positioning

Choosing The Right Outdoor Carpet

Some homeowners in Singapore usually choose large outdoor carpets and then later arrange furniture on them. However, such a move will only work for individuals who have spacious decks and patios.

In case you have a small outdoor space, then you must be careful about how you are going to position your carpets. When you are positioning your outdoor carpets, it’s not good for you to interfere with your tables, chairs, and other kinds of furniture.

You should also not position them in a manner which will make then unstable.

In case your outdoor space is not defined well, then a carpet can assist you in your arrangement. One of the best ideas that you can employ in this case in using a rectangular carpet in defining your outdoor seating area.

7) Nature resistant

Choosing The Right Outdoor Carpet

One of the major factors that you must also consider in choosing an outdoor carpet is the weather and climate of the place that you live in. In case you live in a place that has a hot and dry climate then you should choose a carpet that can resist UV rays.

This will ensure that your carpet does not fade due to sun rays. Also, since your carpet is likely to be rained on, you should choose one which can resist water.

Choosing The Right Outdoor Carpet – Conclusion

Carpets can offer you an incredible way to create a beautiful outdoor space. However, you might find if challenging when you are choosing the best carpet. With the above guide, you will find it easier when you are buying a carpet for your outdoor space.

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