Choosing The Right Carpet For Your Child’s Bedroom

Choosing The Right Carpet For Your Child’s Bedroom. There are many important decisions when planning to decorate your child’s bedroom. One of those critical choices is choosing the right carpet.

Many people believe they need to choose conventional, gender-based designs. You might also think you must select a juvenile theme, like teddy bears or fairy tales. However, decorating trends today aren’t all headed in those directions.

Choosing The Right Carpet For Your Child’s Bedroom

Choosing The Right Carpet For Your Child’s Bedroom

Here are some modernized guidelines for choosing the right carpet for a child’s bedroom:

Let the Right Carpet Set the Stage

When planning your child’s bedroom, choose the room’s carpet first. Of all the choices in the room, the rug selection makes the most impact. Once the rug is placed, positioning the furniture and other items will make the room seem homelike.

The style of the carpet may also help in choosing the furniture style. When you begin with the rug, everything else will effortlessly fall into place.

You Don’t Have to Be Traditional

Don’t limit your choices to patterns you think you “should” choose. Think of your child’s interests and personality. A musical child might like to have a piano carpet. A football player might want team colors or a game motif. Animal lovers may enjoy pictures of their pets.

Do a thorough search for just the right carpet. When you choose the perfect rug, it remains the room’s foundation during any future redecoration.

Bold Patterns Make Rooms Fun

A unique, bold pattern will make the room stand out. As children grow, they want to be able to express their individuality. With the carpet as the room’s foundation, a bold choice could be a good move. Bold colors are also less likely to fade.

Defensive Color Choice

Your choice of a cheerful unique carpet. The pattern should still be the primary guide. However, a stain-resistant dark-colored carpet is a must for kids’ rooms. You’re going to want to keep the carpet easier to clean. You also want to consider frequent “traffic patterns.”

There will be places in the room that are stepped on more frequently. Some carpets are treated with stain-resistant solutions before they are sold.

Soft and Light for the Win

Having a carpet with a soft surface will make it more comfortable for the kids to play on. Kids don’t always stay upright, and soft rugs are best if they fall. Lightweight fabrics will also make any future repositioning of the carpet much more accessible.

6 A Carpet is a Cushion

Adding padding under the carpet is good with all the playing or exercise your child will do. Even a soft carpet will be more comfortable with some extra padding.

You can pre-order the padding with the carpet or order it separately. In addition to safety, the padding will give your child extra comfort.

Create Special Areas

When planning the children’s bedroom, think of its many uses. You can use the carpet to create special sections for those purposes. You might want to create a study area or an art zone.

A craft shelf or music haven would provide fun options. Your child’s bed doesn’t have to be the only place they spend time. The pattern of the carpet may lend itself to sectioning. If not, an area rug on the carpet may be needed.

Choose Low Pile for Low Stress

Deep pile carpets may look cozy, but the low pile will mean easy cleaning. A quick vacuum is easier with a thin mat. You’ll be glad you made that choice if you have a teen who hates to clean. It’s also a good choice for a toddler with many tiny toys. You’ll want to see Legos or toy cars – before your feet find them.

Make A Natural Choice

Natural fibers are an excellent choice for your child’s bedroom carpet. Synthetic fibers don’t provide the clean air your kids deserve. You’ll be glad you chose cotton, jute, or a natural hide when they’re playing on the mat.

10 Some Synthetic Fibers May be a Good Choice

Though natural fibers have their good features, nylon or polyester have desirable features, too. They are both very durable and have less of an artificial scent. It is also straightforward to clean. They are also almost as soft as cotton.

Choosing The Right Carpet For Your Child’s Bedroom – Conclusion

Choosing The Right Carpet For Your Child’s Bedroom

Following these guidelines to choose the carpet for your children will provide plenty of choices. Select a store or catalog with lots of options. If your child is old enough to participate, you can let them be part of the choosing process.

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