Carpet vs Laminate Flooring

Flooring your house is one of the most important parts of decorating your house. The kind of floors you install for your home will determine a lot in terms of function and aesthetic value. You will definitely want to hit a balance of the two. Laminate flooring and carpeting are some of the best ways to create good floors for your home space. They both come with pros and cons. The choice of the floor you pick will depend on a number of factors ranging from your budget, needs, kind of home and decoration. The two floors will come with some good looks depending on what you are going for. They will also come in different designs within their categories which is an advantage for both.

What are they made of?

Laminate flooring involves the use of synthetic laminated boards to cover the floor. These will depict a number of designs including real life ones. There are laminate boards that are designed to look like wooden floors while others will look like tiles. They are installed in a number of ways depending on the preference of the buyer. There are those with a vinyl material below them providing solid flooring that is insulated in terms of pressure. There are also those without the layer of cushioning material.

Carpets will come in a number of designs and makes derived from fabrics. There are expensive carpets that are hand woven while others are machine woven. There are also carpets that will be use to cover the whole house with any other type of flooring underneath while others will cover specific areas. The choice and the design of the carpet will be determined by the needs of the owner.


In comparison, the laminate floors will provide better cleaning and maintenance processes. These are simply wiped and look as good as new. The carpets will need a thorough wash that is more strenuous at the end of the day. They will need vacuuming and can be easily stained. The carpets will also need a professional to clean them for the best form of cleaning. The laminate floors only need to be wiped and they are good to go.

Water damage

Laminate flooring can have the setback of water trickling through the joints and the paces. This is however reduced through the layer placed under them. The water will cause the glue to fail which lead to the flooring being damaged. Carpets do not get damaged when water goes through them. They are simply dried and are good to go after that.

Impact and noise

Carpets will provide far better insulation in terms of impact with the floors. They will also muffle any noise when one is walking along them. They are ideal for crawling babies in case of falling and hurting their hands. He laminate floors are harder and will make a lot of noise when people walk on them with shoes. They can also get scratched or damaged in the process. Their insulation in terms of impact is lower compared to the carpets.

Damage and repairs

Laminate flooring is ideal in case of damage. A single sheen can be replaced easily in case it is damaged. This is cheaper when compared to a damaged carpet. A damaged carpet will need to be replaced as a whole is the damage is not a stain that can be removed. This is more costly in the long run for anyone that has experienced a tear, permanent stain to an acid burn on the carpet.