Carpet Padding For Soundproofing

Carpet padding is a cushion or supporting pad that is normally placed underneath to make the carpet feel cushy. Apart from protecting the carpet, carpeting padding provides work as soundproof. Various types of carpet pads are available. The most common type of carpet part available serves three purposes, which include sound absorption, achieve more comfortable-walking service, and reduce the amount of reaction force experienced while walking. The soundproofing is normally placed between the carpet and the floor when the underlying floor is extremely rigid. For example, if the floor is made concrete.

The most common type of soundproofing includes foam rubber pads, sponge padding, and fiber pads. Foam rubber pad is the most popular among those three types because it is the cheapest and work well with most floors. Sponge padding is stronger and more expensive as compare foam rubber padding. Sponge padding is mostly used in office environment. Fiber pads are the most durable pad and at the same time the most expensive pads. They are normally used in high traffic areas such as manufacturing plants. Fiber pads are also used in very hard floors such as those made of concrete. Within the three classifications, different varieties with different specifications are available.

Function of a carpet

A carpet pad serves a variety of functions, which includes:

i. Make the carpet softer: most home owners use carpet pad for this purpose. Some certain type of food pad serve this purpose very well while others provide less foot comfort.

ii. Ease carpet cleaning: with padding between the floor and carpet, the amount of dirt that come in conduct with the carpet reduce and cleaning become easier. The carpet cleaner can slightly raise the carpet and remove dirt.

iii. Provides thermal insulation: with high R-value, carpet-padding act as a heat insulator, and does not allow heat to pass through it, keeping the room wormer.

iv. Carpet padding is a soundproof: carpet-padding help to reduce both footstep noise and airborne noise.

Choosing a carpet padding

Choosing the right carpet to serve a particular purpose is somehow tricky. While soft carpet padding provides enough comfort, they are sometimes not durable and cannot be used in high traffic areas. High-density pads, which are thicker and stronger, are always the best of high traffic areas such as hallways and stairs. A carpet that combines the two qualities is soft and strong but may not serve the function of sound minimization. Soft padding are normally used in bedrooms where there is less traffic. Reading manufactures recommendation before buying the carpet padding is very important. Most carpet-padding manufactures provide their recommendation based on their experience and research.


Soundproofing pads includes density-felt fiber that prevents pressure from reaching the floor. They are available in various in two types; ultra-premium and superior felt rugs pad. The felt acts as a noise-absorbing agent to reduce noise as much as possible and sometime eliminate it. they can be used anywhere where noise is a problem. Soundproofing is basically made of mineral wool, cotton or cellulose material, and fibreglass. The best and mostly used type in are those from mineral wool since they have rigid panel style. The soundproofing pad is normally supplied in their rigid panels forms or softer batts and have smalls sizes enough to fit residential interior walls. Some sizes that fit residential floors and ceilings are available. It should be noted that the insulators are not thermally efficient, and therefore are not the best to use in interior walls.

路 Ultra-premium soundproofing: this type of soundproofing has a density of about 45 ounces and prevents penetration of noise to the floor. It is an excellent noise absorber and cab used where rug slipping is an issue. High density ensures noise absorption while rubber reduces rug slipping

路 Superior soundproofing: it has a density of 40 ounces and does not include any air. It is thick highly compressed to prevent penetration of sound to the floor. It totally reduce or eliminate floor sound. Superior soundproofing is non-slip rag, therefore, it is the best where noise is an issues but slipping is not a problem

– Carpet padding is now available in most carpet retail-shop. Stores that sell area rags are likely to have several type of padding. In most cases carpet paddings comes with standard width but the length depends on area you wish to cover.