Can You Walk On Carpet Right After Installation?

Can You Walk On Carpet Right After Installation? If you have just installed a new carpet, you probably ask yourself this question. Well, carpets need some time to fix on the floor.

If you place something heavy on it while the adhesive is still wet, you can ruin its appeal. However, if speaking of foot traffic, this is something your carpet really needs after installation. The explanation is simple. When you walk on the new carpet you press it to the floor, helping it to adhere better.

How much foot traffic a carpet can resist after installation?

The human body is not that big of a force that can ruin the carpet with its weight. That’s why you are free to walk on it right after you’ve placed it on the floor. You may be wondering how much foot traffic a new carpet can take?

In fact, the more traffic, the better you press the carpet and the more fixed it will be to the floor. If you plan on a party or a family reunion on the day of carpet installation, it is even better.

This will ensure a faster adherence of the glue to the carpet, given more people walking on it. With that being said, if you ask: “Can I walk on the carpet right after installation?”, the answer is definitely yes. What really can endanger the newly installed carpet is heavy furniture.

How long you have to wait before you can place furniture on the carpet?

Can You Walk On Carpet Right After Installation?

Things are getting complicated when it comes to heavy objects. Bringing furniture in the room is not a thing you should think of right after carpet installation. First of all, it could cause waves that don’t look very nice.

Also, the weight of the furniture will make the wet glue press too far into the carpet fabric. This will come with some negative consequences. First one, it will destroy the look of the carpet, making it look older than it actually is.

The carpet will lose its soft texture and flexibility, becoming stiff and hard to roll. Second, the furniture will make the carpet heavily stuck to the floor. This will make it hard for you to remove the carpet in the future.

And third, too much dry glue stuck in the carpet fabric could lead to indentations. In simple words, these are those holes that appear on the carpet under the pressure of heavy objects. The indentation is even more noticeable when the carpet has ribs on the underside.

This will make the glue penetrate even deeper into the fabric, ruining the carpet look. So to avoid indentations, you need to keep yourself from placing furniture on the carpet right after its installation.

Well, it may be not necessary, if you are sure that the wardrobe, for example, will stay in that place forever. The indentation would be never visible in this case.

However, if you love moving furniture from one place to another, this can be a problem. That’s why you have to wait for 24 hours before bringing furniture on the new carpet. This is enough for the glue to dry out and become unable of dealing any damage to the carpet.

Only then, you will get green light to move your furniture in the room. As you see, the story with carpet installation is long. So you will have to find a place to store your furniture up until the carpet becomes able to use.

You can move the furniture to the next room to avoid carrying it long distances. However, if there is no space inside your house, you may need to turn your garage into temporary storage.

Can You Walk On Carpet Right After Installation? – Conclusion

Can You Walk On Carpet Right After Installation?

To conclude, walking on the carpet right after its installation is a good practice. You can do it without hesitating, as it will contribute to pressing and fixing the carpet on the floor. However, you need to be more careful when it comes to heavy furniture.

If you place it right after the carpet installation, it could cause waves and indentation. Moreover, the high pressure will make the carpet deadly stuck to the floor, impeding easy removal. To avoid all these, you have to wait for 24 hours before installing furniture.

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