Can I Install Carpet Tiles Over Carpet?

It is possible to install carpet tiles over your carpet. This is especially advantageous if you are doing it for a short term instead of incurring the cost of replacing the whole carpet. This floor has a number of advantages as far as the thickness of the floor is concerned as well as insulation and padding on the floor. However, there are various important steps to be followed in order for the job to be done in a perfect way.

Things to Consider

Before you commence your project of laying carpet tiles on top of your carpet, you should consider several things. Low-pile tiles are the most appropriate for this type of work as they will work perfectly. This will not take so much space atop the floor. Thick tiles may take up much space which might lead to difficulties in closing doors. They can also reduce the room space in case it is a garage or basement where the roof tends to be lower than the other parts of the house.

The type of adhesive on the tiles ought to be considered. It is important to ensure that it sticks well on all types of surfaces, especially since you will be placing it on top of another material and not the original floor. The surface you intend to tile should be clean and free from mold or rot. In order for these tiles to hold well, it is important for the surface to be cleaned well. You can clean the surface yourself but it is advisable to hire the services of a professional cleaning company to clean the carpets well before the installation of tiles takes place.

Another factor to consider is the state of the base. The surface ought to offer an adequate base for installing the tiles. The base ought to be strong and rigid so as to offer adequate support to the tiles that are to be placed on top of it. This will determine the duration of time that the tiles will last on the floor as well as the shape of the floor. If the surface does not offer an adequate base, than the tiles will not hold well on the floor and this will lead to some of them becoming loose. This will lead to the floor having a surface that is not as flat as it should be, leading to it tripping people whenever they walk on it due to its uneven surface. A poor base will also lead to the tiles deteriorating at a fast rate, thereby requiring to be replaced after a short time. This will also increase the cost of having this type of flooring.


There are various advantages of installing tiles over an existing carpeted-floor. Most people are motivated to resort to this floor because of a number of advantages listed below;

• It saves the huge costs that are involved in the pulling up and subsequent disposal of the old carpets found in the various rooms of the house.

• In case the house has a cold floor, the tiles placed on top of the old carpeting provide an extra layer for insulation purposes.
• It keeps the waste materials that result from the pulling up of old carpets from the landfill.

• Choosing this method also eradicates the need for padding the floor when putting the tiles as the existing carpets take up the role of the padding.

• Normally, most carpets are glued down to the floor surface as opposed to being tacked hence removing them proves to be extra expensive and this method helps in cutting such costs.

• It is a great method, especially when you need to have a great floor in a house you are planning to stay in for a short term.

Installing carpet tiles over an existing carpet can also help you get a certain color scheme for the interior of your house fast and on the cheap. In the case of a home or office makeover, you can place the tiles atop the carpets on the floor instead of going for a complete overhaul. This is a great shortcut to getting a great looking floor at a fraction of the estimated cost to be incurred for the overhaul.