Basics You Need To Know About Installing Carpet Over Existing Carpet/Tiles

Your home is the place where you can find comfort and peace. It is for this reason that many residents in Singapore prefer a well furnished home defined by the quality of its floor. However, it is very costly to entirely replace the existing carpet with new tiles. This will leave you with installing a new carpet or tiles over the existing carpet tiles as a great alternative solution. You can give your home that perfect look that you have always desire by installing a carpet or better still tiles over an existing carpet or carpet tiles.

Factor to consider before installing new carpet or tiles over existing carpet/carpet tiles.

First of all you should assess the quality of the floor before installing a new carpet over the existing one. This is because installing a new carpet on top of a damaged or weak floor can ruin the quality of your new carpet. Moreover, it is cheaper to entirely replace the floor with new tiles than to lay a new carpet or carpet tiles on top of the one existing.

If you have assessed the quality of the floor and rated it as poor, it will be wise to remove the entire floor and lay a smooth touch of a firm floor which you can place your new carpet. Better still, you can consider installing new tiles which can even serve well than a carpet. The main advantage of the latter option is that it will save you a great deal of time and money during cleaning. Moreover, tiles are more durable than carpets.

It is also possible to place a new carpet over an existing carpet, however, this will depend on the type of material from each carpet. If the old carpet is in good shape and you need a new look, you can use a strong adhesive glue to stick both carpets together. This will increase the carpet’s thickness making it stronger to resist ware and tare from heavy traffic.

On the other hand, if the floor is firm, it will be cheaper to just place a new carpet over the one existing than to install new tiles. It is important to consider using strong adhesive glue so as to stick the carpet to the floor. This will serve to prevent the carpet from sliding over as this can result to injuries and damage to your valuables.

You can also install new tiles on top of a firm floor. Good thing about this is that you can choose whether or not to place a carpet on top of the new carpet tiles. In addition, many contractors in Singapore won’t charge much to install new tiles over a firm floor. However, it is worth knowing that installing new tiles over an existing one will slightly raise the level of the floor.

It is possible to install a new carpet over an existing carpet tiles or carpet. However, it is important to take into consideration duration of time you will be staying in that house so as to save cost. It is also worth knowing that irrespective of type and quality of adhesive glue used to stick the carpets, they usually loose vigour with time. For more information and advice about installing new carpet over existing carpet or carpet tiles, Mr Carpet has all the answers you need.