Are Carpets Better for a Bedroom?

Are Carpets Better for a Bedroom? There has been an ongoing conversation about what flooring looks the best and is better suited for bedrooms. Before hardwood floors became popular for everyone rather than the elite most houses were carpeted throughout.

Nowadays almost every modern or updated house has hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring. But, what about bedrooms? Is it an old fashion to have carpeted bedrooms? Are kids tracking mud?

There are plenty of reasons to go both ways but there are substantial reasons to vote one way or the other that actually affect your daily life. Read on – Are Carpets Better for a Bedroom?

Carpet Traps Unwanted Sounds

Hardwood floors vibrate and echo every footstep or drop of a hat. Tiptoeing can still create creaks and groans against hardwood synthetic or otherwise.

With carpet, there is a soft barrier that sucks in the vibrations of footsteps or something dropping making it much easier to sleep through any movements. Many families or couples have different sleep schedules which mean coming in and out of the bedroom at different times.

Rather than trying to practically levitate over hardwood, you’re able to walk softly on the carpet and have the sound absorbed. Families with children sometimes have two or more in a single bedroom.

Movement can echo and then all the kids are waking up instead of just the one that needs to use the bathroom. Bedroom carpet lessens the possibility of another’s movement waking you or your family up.

There is Warmth in Carpet

Are Carpets Better for a Bedroom?

Hardwood does not warm easily and even when heaters are on the floor itself doesn’t hold on to that heat. Bedroom carpet can make mornings easier and less of a shock when your feet hit the floor. The warmth from the carpet eases you into the morning and doesn’t send you racing for socks or slippers.

Bedroom Carpet is Safer for All

Activity can happen in the middle of the night. A crying child. The dog needing to go outside. You or your partner needing to use the bathroom. Perhaps you need a glass of water to soothe your throat.

When you’re half asleep trying not to wake up the rest of the house your footing can be off and hardwood gets slippery. A single unknown spill could send you or a family member down onto the hardwood floor below.

All falls, no matter the age of the person, have the ability to be incredibly dangerous.

Bedroom carpet, especially in a child’s room, is a smarter choice due to children being a bit accident-prone. They fall out of beds when sleeping, play rough, and tend to be a bit wobbly when they’re learning to walk.

Carpet softens any falls and is much easier on a baby’s knees who is just learning to crawl or walk. Plus toys won’t be as hazardous when they’re scattered on the floor. Sure they’ll hurt if you step on them but they won’t slip and send you and the toy flying.

Carpet Helps Air Quality

Are Carpets Better for a Bedroom?

Believe it or not, there have been several studies conducted about air quality and flooring. Carpet has been scientifically proven to lessen allergens that float in the air versus hardwood floors.

The fibers of the carpet itself trap the allergens stopping them from becoming airborne and entering your sinuses during sleep. This is especially helpful for young children with developing systems and immune-compromised individuals.

All you have to do to get rid of the allergens in your bedroom carpet is vacuum.

Are Carpets Better for a Bedroom? – Conclusion

Carpet is not always the aesthetic choice but there are many more benefits to having bedroom carpet over hardwood floors. If the rest of your house is hardwood it might be a good idea to keep the bedrooms carpeted.

Plenty of modern and updated homes have carpeted bedrooms for the reasons listed above. Carpet can always be removed if you’ve decided you’d rather have hardwood. Or you can place a carpeted rug over hardwood and have the best of both worlds.

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