Are Carpet Tiles Better Than Traditional Carpets?

Flooring is one of the top considerations when you need to make some home improvements in the house. Carpet is one of the things that help to make the floor more comfortable and also keep the house warm. Carpets come in two options, either the tiles or the traditional carpets. A number of professionals cite that carpet tiles are better and more reliable than the traditional carpets.

With the carpet tiles have been in existence for quite some time, but the traditional carpets were the original types of carpet that were initially introduced. Most of the commercial units highly consider using the carpet tiles on their floors, more than the traditional carpets. One common thing about the carpet tiles is that they do not require an underlay like the normal carpets. This makes them quite affordable to have.

So, Are They The Best Option Over The Traditional Carpets?
Before answering this question, here is a look at the features of the carpet tiles and how they benefit users.
• Cost effective

This is one of the major features of the carpet tiles. They come with a strong backing that holds it tightly on the floor. There will be no need of having the adhesives and other under lays. With the fitted backings, the carpets will produce less waste compared to the normal carpets. They will fit perfectly in a room with an irregular shape. Unlike the traditional carpets, which might not fit a room with an irregular shape.

With this, the carpet tiles become overly easy to install, and it will save time that would be used to apply the adhesive. It will also help to save money that may be needed to get the adhesive for holding down the carpet. Also, when there is a damage or a spill at a particular point, the carpet tile will be removed easily, without having to eliminate the entire carpet. This is another factor that makes the carpet tiles cost effective.

• Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

This is another feature that makes people prefer the carpet tiles. Cleaning the carpet regularly is something that will help to keep the dirt and dust away. It is always advised to clean spills and other accidents soon enough. If there is any solid on the carpet, ensure that you scrape them out whenever you spot them. The best way of cleaning the carpet tile is to work from the edge. If there is some excess liquid on the carpet, soak up the area with a dry towel and then air the tile outside. This will prevent the spread of the liquid to other tiles. Cleaning the carpet tiles is easy, and it helps to save time and money.

Advantages of the carpet tiles

There are several benefits of using the carpet tiles over the regular carpets. Here are some of the top advantages;
• They are easy to install. All you will need to do is ensure that the tiles are arranged in the correct manner. Once you have a blueprint of how the tiles should be arranged, you will be able to lay down your carpet without much difficulty.
• Easy to move/transport. One thing about the traditional carpet is that it is bulky and can be difficult to move around when you want to transport it. Nonetheless, the carpet tiles will be packed into boxes that are easy to carry and deliver to a different area.
• It is easy to lay on the existing floor. The tiles come with a backing that is easily attached to the already existing floor. Whether you have a vinyl, concrete, or laminate floor, you can easily lay your carpet tiles.
• They fit easily in an irregular room. If you want to apply the carpet tiles in a room with an irregular shape, you will easily lay them with the tiles. They any take any shape of the room.
• They are easy to clean. When there is a drop of wine or any other stain on the carpet, you will only remove the tile that has been stained and take it for cleaning. With the traditional carpet, it will need you to remove the entire carpet for cleaning, which can be inconvenient.
• Installation can be done in temporary areas. You can easily place the carpet around the furniture without the need of emptying the entire room. For instance, when you want to install the carpet around the wall unit, you will not have to remove it. You can easily place the tiles around the wall unit and it will look elegant.
• It is flexible. With the traditional carpet, you will install it as it is designed, and you cannot change the design. Nonetheless, the carpet tiles allow you to design the room as you wish. You can use different tiles on the same floor and have your unique design.
• Affordable. In comparison to the traditional carpet, the carpet tiles are much cheaper to buy and maintain.

Finding The Right Carpet

When you are in search of the carpet tiles to use in your room or office, you will need to consider some factor. First off, you will want to consider the style and color of the tiles. This will affect the final look of your room. You will need to picture the entire room as it is covered in tiles that are reliable enough. Also, you should consider the pattern and the quality of the carpet. The size is another factor that you should keep in mind. The bigger the size of the tile, the lesser pieces you will need to use. So ensure that you choose the tiles wisely. Your choice is in relation to the reliability and the affordability. The tiles should be easy to purchase and maintain. You might want to ask a professional carpet tile dealer to guide you into buying the right carpet tiles.

So back to the question, are carpet tiles better than traditional carpet? The answer is, yes. Carpet tiles are more reliable, they are more cost-effective, and they can be applied in different ways. They can be used with flexibility to make the house look different. All in all, carpet tiles are a great flooring option that you will want to consider.