7 Ways To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Carpet

In spite of the popularity of tile and wooden flooring options, carpets are a common and trusted flooring option. Carpets are mainly popular because they give a house a more comfortable and homely feel. They are also popular because they come in a wide assortment of patterns, styles and colors. In order to increase their lifespan, carpets have to be maintained well. The following are 7 ways to increase the lifespan of your carpet.

· Invest in an efficient vacuum cleaner –
 The grit that settles in carpets can cause the carpet pile and backing to wear and tear quickly. Vacuum cleaning machines differ. It is important to select a vacuum cleaner that has strong suction so that it can collect small debris that settle deep within the tufts of carpeting. Vacuuming your carpet regularly eradicates the dirt that can stick in the fabric causing the carpet to wear out faster.

· Hire a professional carpet cleaner – 
You can increase the lifespan of your carpet by deep cleansing it every year. The deep cleansing equipment that professional cleaners use removes the dirt and grime that household vacuum cleaners miss. They also eradicate oily residues and stains efficiently. Professional cleansing of carpets also keeps them looking new.

· Invest in high quality carpet padding –
 Carpet padding makes carpet floors more comfortable to sit or walk on and it also absorbs some of the abuse that is subjected to carpeting. Without padding, carpeted floors have to absorb all the impact of daily use and this shortens their lifespan. Whenever you purchase a new carpet, it is wise to replace the padding as well. This helps ensure that you do not void the warranty on carpeted floors. Since there are different pads for different types of carpets, you can ask a carpeting firm to advise you on the right padding to choose.

· Do not allow shoes –
 Make sure that members of your household and visitors remove their shoes before entering your home. This will protect your carpeted floor from particles and oil that are not easily visible. It is also wise not to allow bare feet. Human skin produces oil naturally. The oil that feet leave on carpeting attracts dirt and causes the fabric to age faster. An easy solution to this problem is placing a shoe rack and a basket of slippers by the entrance to your home.

· Get rid of spills promptly – 
Messes and spills will occur from time to time. When they occur, you should respond to them quickly. If spills are not removed promptly, the stain they cause is more difficult to deal with. Different spills require different methods of cleaning and you should therefore consider which method works best for a particular type of spill. For instance, a medicine spill would need immediate cleaning with ammonia dissolved in water. However, this is not feasible on a carpet that is mainly made from wool. When spills happen, consider the type of material your carpet is made from so that you can get rid of them in the right way.

· Remove stains quickly –
 Stains have a tendency of getting larger and harder to eradicate with time. After purchasing a carpet, you can ask the seller to inform you about the best way to remove stains from the carpet. If you opt to utilize commercial cleaning solutions for carpets to remove stains, make sure you follow the instructions of the manufacturer. To clean small spots, you can utilize a household cleaner. When cleaning stains, it is wise to refrain from rubbing the stain regardless of the solution you are using to remove it or how tough the stain is. It is better to blot the stain using warm and soapy water until the stain is eradicated. Rubbing a stain introduces the possibility of the stain spreading. This may leave a disastrous streak or dirt and it will also damage the carpeting due to the abrasion.

· Utilize carpet runners – 
You can protect carpeted floors in high traffic areas like entry points and hallways by using a carpet runner. This item will also add a touch of elegance to your property. A carpet runner is easy to clean and it makes it easier to prevent dirt from entering your home. The other advantage of utilizing a runner is that is it much cheaper to replace it compared to replacing a carpet.


The interior of a home can look aged if the carpeted floor is worn out and dirty. Heeding the tips listed above can significantly extend the lifespan of your carpeted floor.