6 Ways To Get Soiled Carpet Cleaned

You would most certainly have spent big money buying a good carpet for your home. You would love it to look good, neat and clean at all points of time. Despite our best efforts at keeping the carpets clean and neat, things will go wrong once in a while. You cannot avoid spills, accidents, drops and other such things. If you have a big home and if there are children, pets and if the family size is big, then the chances of carpet getting soiled increases quite significantly. Hence, you must try and find out ways by which your dirty carpet can become good again and fit for regular use. Let us try and have a look at six common and simple ways by which we can clean dirty and soiled carpets at the home, without having to spend big money.

Handle Blots Correctly

Blots are one of the most common problems with carpets. You must therefore try and use the right technique for removing blots from your carpets. We often make the most common mistake of rubbing the stains on the carpet. This is bad because it will result in the stains taking deeper root in the carpets. The key is to come out with the right blotting techniques. If this happens, it would lead to early breakdown and damage of the fibers. Your carpet could start getting damaged. Further, you must always blot the stain inward from the outside. Doing it outward could spread the stain and this again could lead to the fiber getting damaged.

The Club Soda Process

We often come across many articles talking about the effectiveness of club soda again wine and beer stains. Yes, what you have come across is correct, provided you know how to use club soda correctly. You must wet a piece of cloth with soda and blot the affected area. If this does not work, you could try mixing one part white vinegar with one part of water. It should be poured into a handheld sprayer. The solution should be sprayed evenly on the entire area that has been stained. It must be allowed to sit for around 10 to 15 minutes so that it gets soaked in completely. You should then use a clean sponge and lightly press onto the area. This should soak up the stain and also the solution. This process may have to be repeated a few times to remove the stain completely.

Shaving Cream

Ordinary shaving cream could be one of the best carpets cleaners for ordinary and general stains. Shaving cream is supposed to be very powerful and can remove almost any type of stain. The shaving cream has to be directly applied on to the stain. It must be allowed to set in for around 30 minutes. Once it has set in thoroughly, you could have it blotted away with the help; of a dry cloth. You could follow this up by spraying the affected area with one part water mixed with one part vinegar. The solution should then be wiped away again using a fresh and white cloth.

Freeze-Dried Gum

You could come across a soiled carpet and the culprit could be chewing gum that could have got stuck in your carpet and it could become sticky and messy. You could use the freezing the dried gum technique and get things on the move. All you need is a few ice cubes from your refrigerator. You have to just freeze the ice cubes for around 30 second. Once the gum is frozen, you could scoop it out using a spoon. You may need to cut the carpet strands as closely as possible. It the cutting is done closely you will not be able to notice it with the naked eye.

Grease Cutting Dishwasher Detergent

You also could be used a quality and standard dishwasher detergent that comes with grease cutting solutions. You have to add the detergent to a cup of water and it should be able to cut through the grease in the carpet in the same way as it does on your dishes. You could also use a spray bottle and spray the solution on the stain. You could use the blotting technique and continue this process a number of times for taking care of larger stains.

Heat Wax

In many homes burning candles could lead to wax dripping onto the carpet. This could dry rapidly and it gets embedded into the carpet. Heating technique could be a good way of removing it. This requires placing a white cloth on your iron and the place the iron atop the wax deposit to warm it up. You could then scrape the wax off using a butter knife. Once this has been completed you could us a paper towel on the surface area and iron on the paper. The wax will melt and get attached to the paper and you can clear the carpet of wax if you repeat the process a few times.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Often, we end up cutting our fingers of our hands or legs and a few drops of blood might get into your expensive carpet. You need not panic and be afraid that it could ruin your carpet. You could make use of hydrogen peroxide and it certainly will get blood out almost anytime. The blood has to be loosened up with the help of a mix of water and mild detergent. You must then scrape away as much blood as possible from the fibers. There will be residues left and this can be removed by applying hydrogen peroxide directly on to the stain. The hydrogen peroxide will froth and foam when it comes in contact with the blood. You should let this happen for a few minutes and then use a towel and dab the hydrogen peroxide and this will help you to get rid of the residual blood deposits on the carpets.


We are sure that the above processes could be helpful in removing almost all types of soiled carpet and the stains therein.