6 Carpet Color To Choose In 2015

Carpeting is a challenging decision to make as this component of decoration require you to take into account a lot of factors. From the size to style, there are so many options to explore irrespective of the space you want to cover. Once you are done with these factors, the final and most challenging aspect that can hold you back from taking the final decision is the Color. Color is often considered to be the most difficult decision for customers, and there are not one but several reasons for it. For a novice, it can be difficult to visualize the color in a large space, with a just a glimpse of a tiny swatch. The change in a color can have a dramatic impact on the overall look of the space and a wrong selection can be scary. Let’s take a look at some safe and popular options for carpet colors that you can try in 2015.

Cloud Gray

The absolute perfect gray is comparatively the most popular shade among neutral pallette.
Warmer in its effect, this gray is rarely boring. Gray is there is stay and it is evitable from its emergence and expansion in the marketplace.

Safari Taupe

Classic taupe can be regarded as the stepping-stone between the emerging trend of gray and chocolate brown. Taupe is best described as brownish gray and has become a popular choice among professional interior designer. When the taupe is translated into flooring, it offers a very universally accepted look.

Ivory Coast

Neutral shades have become great influencers in the home decor industry. While the first influencer is a warm camel is already trending, ivory coast has just started to grab individual’s attention. The ivory performs as the ideal choice for small rooms, as well as large spaces for them to stand out. It is elegant, high-tech and casual.


Known for its calming and soothing effects, the aqua color has beautifully evolved from its early days of popularity. Now you can enjoy a long standing partnership of creamy whites and lush greens with your new aqua carpet color.

Persimmon Orange

This energetic, bright and spicy mix of tangerine and persimmon will give your space luxurious and lively appearance at all times of the day. Orange is often used as the signature color to add glamour in interior space, but having a full floor will definitely make every step you take worth.


Pink has always been touted as signature color for baby girls, but now its grown to be couture-worthy. Representing the awareness on breast cancer, the pink has become a bold statement in the home decor industry. The color works well with any furniture, style and decoration.

How To Buy The Right Carpet

It is always an individual’s dream to have a well decorated and comfortable home. In order to have a flooring that can add comfort, elegance and sophistication in the environment, Carpets have become one of the easiest way. Carpets are graceful, which gives the house a well designed and elegant look. There are different types of carpets available online, exhibiting the collection from all parts of the world. You may not be able to buy an authentic Persian or Pakistani carpet in the nearby offline store, but online you can expect to get endless options of country specific carpets.

Carpets offered online are generally sold in low prices. The basic reason is that online stores do not have to bear any kind of overhead expenses. Thus, they are able to offer a huge collection of carpets from across the world at reasonably low price. Buying carpets online can help you decorate your home in less cost than expected. All you need to do is have a plenty of time to sit and explore different websites offering carpets and compare the ones offering best deals and lucrative discounts. The best part of buying them online is that you can experiment with different varieties, colors and types of carpets .

Browsing through different sites online you can also seek details of the properties of the items to would like to purchase. Do not forget to look for the type, cost, size and thickness of carpet provided in the product description section of all sites. These details will help you make the right choice, according to your needs and requirements. You can find a good range of product in wool, synthetic fibers, silk, nylon, polyester and so on. Choose the ones that go well with the color of the walls and other accessories of your home.