5 Myths Of Installing Carpet in Office

Office carpet looks great and adds value to your office. It also produces a calming effect for the individual using the office. Offices with carpets have lesser noise and also look classier than those without. Carpet absorbs sound and reduces noise that comes from shoes coming in contact with the ground keeping a silent working environment.

Carpets also accentuate the offices that the organization is using. This can be done by using the theme colors on the logo or the company is known for. There are however many skeptics that have come up with some myths about the carpet. This has led to many not considering them as a part of their office design. Installing carpets can be one of the best things your office ever did. Here are 5 myths about installing office carpet that will probably change your mind about putting up one for your office.

Carpets are hard to clean and maintain

The fact that carpets are a fabric brings the illusion of hard to clean processes. The most amazing thing about carpets is that they simply need sweeping and quick vacuuming. Unlike floors they can be cleaned without water easily. Water can be used maybe once a month when major offices clean up is being done by a certified cleaning company. They are otherwise vey easy to cleans and maintain. A janitor will easily vacuum the carpet and clean out any occasional stains keeping it absolutely clean.

Carpets trigger allergies and asthma

This is one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to carpets. Carpets will do the exact opposite. They will tarp dust and other foreign materials within their fibers and prevent it from being blown around or rising when people are walking on it. This dust can only be collected of the caret using a vacuum cleaner. They actually help keep these ailments away in the long run. They are the more reason you should install them to avoid cases of allergies and asthma in the office setting.

Carpets collect mold and mildew

The only condition in which mold will grow in when it is to humid or wet. The carpet needs to be kept dry. Mold will grow virtually on anything surface that is wet. The carpet can be kept efficiently dry and clean to keep any mold at bay. The office air is rarely humid making it hard for this to occur. Unless it is a manufacturing plant, there will be no spillage to the carpet that would cause such an ordeal.

Thin carpets save me money

The worst mistake you can make when installing office carpet is getting very thin carpet. This does not save money but does the exact opposite. It will wear out faster requiring you to replace it fast to cover the faded tired look. This will in the long run cost you more.

I do not need professional cleaning services

You cannot install office carpet and skip professional cleaning. It is a risk you are not willing to take. Indulging in cheap cleaners without the proper equipment will lead to a collection of mold and mildew among other problems. Stains can only be dealt with efficiently by professionals.